Structured Data Markup for Educational Videos

New Google Structured Data Markup for Educational Videos

Miami | November 20, 2023Google is revolutionizing how we find educational videos online. Their latest release introduces structured data markup, enhancing the search experience by providing comprehensive insights into instructional video content.

This innovative approach enables publishers to tag their videos with specific educational details, covering levels, core concepts, and skills. By integrating metadata, Google Search can better understand and categorize these videos, ensuring users access the most relevant results.

Improved search results with rich snippets. Videos using this new structured data will stand out in search results, displaying rich snippets that include essential information like education level and video type (e.g., “overview” or “solution”). This feature, available globally in English for desktop and mobile users, prioritizes academic and educational content.

Implementing structured data: Publishers hosting content on websites can easily add this markup. Content management systems (CMS) users can use plugins, while JavaScript-based websites can generate metadata through coding. Google recommends following best practices, including using their Structured Data Testing Tool for validation and submitting a sitemap to notify Google of changes.

Essential technical requirements to use this feature, specific technical criteria must be met:

  • Videos must be at least 30 seconds long.
  • They should be publicly accessible without needing a login or subscription.
  • The structured data should be on the same page as the full video.

This new markup benefits not only search engines but also significantly enhances the user experience. By providing detailed information about educational videos in search results, users can quickly find videos that match their learning needs. Publishers may also see increased traffic due to these enhanced search snippets.

This recent initiative demonstrates Google’s dedication to making educational resources more discoverable. It aligns with other recent updates like new Google Search tools for math and science and AI-generated responses in Search Guides for Education (SGE), aimed at enhancing the learning experience.

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