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Kinsta’s Free Hosting for Static Sites

Miami | October 24, 2023 | SEOMiami – Kinsta has unveiled a complimentary hosting service for a maximum of 100 static websites, encompassing static WordPress platforms, and providing 100 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth.

Key Points:

Kinsta extends cost-free hosting for static websites, including static WordPress platforms. Each business enjoys a monthly allocation of 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. For every site, there’s a build image size cap of one gigabyte. Kinsta has committed to maintaining the free tier indefinitely.

The eminent Managed WordPress Hosting provider, Kinsta, has officially proclaimed its proffer of free static website hosting, offering an ample monthly bandwidth of 100 gigabytes and setting a limit of one gigabyte for the build image size.

Kinsta asserts that this complimentary hosting tier is bestowed upon users, enabling them to experience it firsthand.

According to the information provided by Kinsta:

“Static websites are wholly free, with the capacity to host up to 100 websites without charge.

In the future, we will introduce supplementary features and add-ons that may be fee-based. However, our current service remains free, and this tier’s gratuity is a lasting commitment.

Who Qualifies for Complimentary Kinsta Hosting?

This free hosting is designated for static websites, encompassing WordPress platforms that have undergone the transformation to static (as elucidated in the WordPress static site conversion guide).

It caters to developers and users who leverage node-based static site generators, crafting content that is re-rendered. This includes users of popular solutions such as Astro, Gatsby static site generators, among others.

Any individual or enterprise has the privilege of acquiring a complimentary static site hosting plan courtesy of Kinsta.

Furthermore, this serves as an auspicious opportunity for agencies and developers to test the waters of static site hosting at no cost, assessing its compatibility with their clientele.

What Constitutes a Static Website?

Static websites comprise HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but they eschew databases and server-side processing.

Many content providers have undergone the metamorphosis of their WordPress platforms into static versions, reveling in expedited loading times.

Even websites with substantial volumes of traffic can serve web pages with minimal strain on the server.

In the early days, I was responsible for the creation of static affiliate websites, a few of which attained viral status and attracted substantial traffic, all while maintaining an impeccable uptime record without any incidents or crashes.

Static sites also boast enhanced security, as they eliminate the vulnerabilities that may lurk within plugins or themes, which are a common pitfall on dynamic sites.

An inherent attribute of static websites is their minimal if not negligible, maintenance requirements.

Free Features In Kinsta Static Site Hosting
100 static sites per company
1 concurrent build per site
1 GB build image size per site
600 build minutes per month per company
100 GB bandwidth per month per company
API access
Integration with GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket
Deploying to the Edge – making your site closer to visitors by serving it from more than 300 locations
Diff-based Uploads

Additional features that are planned for the service include:

Maintenance mode
Password protection
More builders
Choose a build template
Detailed Analytics

About Kinsta:

Kinsta is a prominent cloud hosting provider with a strong emphasis on expertly managing WordPress hosting. With over a decade of experience, the company has risen to become the second-largest provider of managed WordPress hosting in the industry. What distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to customer support and their consistent delivery of excellent website performance for their clients.

Currently, Kinsta serves an impressive 26,500 clients and powers over 100,000 live web projects of varying sizes and scopes. This diverse clientele demonstrates that Kinsta is a trusted choice for individuals, bloggers, and major corporations with their hosting needs.

Kinsta’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in its outstanding reputation. They have amassed an impressive 400+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot, a reputable platform for customer feedback. Additionally, they have received recognition and awards for their user-friendly interfaces, smooth administrative processes, and positive feedback from sources like G2. Kinsta proudly holds the highest G2 score among managed hosting providers and web hosting providers, highlighting their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services.

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